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Welcome to Bakery Living

Please use this page as a resource to prepare for your move in day.

The Bakery Living property team is looking forward to assisting you as you continue to settle into your new home. Please contact any of the following individuals with questions or concerns that you have regarding your move in or leasing process.

Property Manager:
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Your move in date at Bakery Living is quickly approaching! We are so excited to welcome you to our community. As you prepare for your transition, please keep in mind the following information:
  • All move in date reservations and/or adjustments must be made at least one week before your lease start date. Remember, the sooner you call to schedule your move in appointment, the better! Move in appointments are prioritized according to when the original reservation was made.
  • Key pick up must be completed during office hours, Monday through Friday from 8:00am-6:00pm and Saturday and Sunday from 9:00am-5:00pm
  • Moving assistance (reserved parking, elevator use, cart rental etc.) may only be completed during office hours, Monday through Friday from 8:00am-6:00pm and Saturday and Sunday from 9:00am-5:00pm. After hours move in activity will result in a $150.00 fee for each occurrence.
  • Cable and Internet installation must take place during office hours. Monday through Friday from 8:00am-6:00pm and Saturday and Sunday from 9:00am-5:00pm
  • We can not accommodate a large 18-wheeler moving truck. Please notify your moving company of this and make arrangements for the furniture to be loaded onto a smaller box truck for delivery.
  • The electric must be transferred into you name on lease start date. Click here to start new service.
  • Utility and rental insurance forms must be uploaded to your tenant profiles before move in payments are accessible.
  • All move in charges must be paid before you receive your move in materials (keys, parking permits, Walnut Perks card, promotional refunds, etc). These charges include first month rent, water and sewage, parking fee's and/or non-refundable pet fees.
  • Moving trucks are not permitted in the parking lot or in the garage. Trucks are only permitted to park in the designated loading zone during your scheduled time.
  • Moving boxes, after collapsed, may be disposed of in the Bakery Living trash room located in the garage next to the freight elevator.


You’re in luck…Friendly Movers and Make Moves Moving Co. is part of our Walnut Perks program! Book one of these movers and receive a discount when moving into a Walnut Capital property. For more information on the discounts, visit our Walnut Perks page.


Duquesne Light - 412-393-7100

New Services
Transferring Service

Cable and Internet

Verizion Fios - 800-662-2215

Transfering Service
New Service

Comcast - 412-771-8100

Transferring and New Service

If for any reason the electric and (or) gas service is not transferred into your name by the lease start date you will be held responsible for any charges incurred from that date forward. A fifteen dollar ($15) vacant service fee will be charged to your residential account for the first occurrence and a fifty dollar ($50) vacant service fee will be charged for any following occurrence.


*All utilities must continue to stay in your name until lease end date. Any time utilities are taken out of your name you will be held responsible for any charges and any vacant service fees.


Log in to your account Need to make a payment? Want to submit a service request? Interested in posting a note to Bakery Living virtual Bulletin Board? Visit your tenant portal to access your account and various online amenities! Make sure to save the login link to your favorite browser’s bookmark bar.

And don’t worry, if you forget the web link address, you can always log in to your account by visiting bakeryliving.com and selecting Resident Login on the left hand side of the home page.

Important: Don't forget to update your account information if your email address is changed! Your email address must be current to receive payment notifications, community updates, and other online activity confirmations.


As a Walnut Capital resident, you will occasionally receive emails from us. These emails are important because they include notices and information about your apartment. Some email programs block addresses they identify as spam, even if they are from legitimate sources. We recommend adding [email protected] to your “Safe Senders” list, so that you don’t miss out on these reminders!


We will be sending out SMS alerts to your mobile phone for events such as shuttle delays, construction, utility issues, etc. We will never send out an SMS alert that does not have to do with urgent property information. Please opt in to these text alerts in your account settings. 


Now that you’re moved in you have the opportunity to utilize all of the many amenities that Bakery Living;has to offer! If you’d like to reserve one of our common spaces for your private use, please log into your tenant portal to make an online reservation. If the amenity you would like to reserve is not listed, please call or email the leasing office to reserve your space. The reservation may require a security deposit, but don’t worry, as long as the space is left how you found it your deposit will be refunded to you within 24 hours. Please review the posted reservation agreement terms online for more details.


Get to know your Thermostat If you are a native to Pittsburgh, you are already aware of how the weather tends to dramatically fluctuate throughout every season. If you are a newly established resident in our City of Bridges you will soon learn that each day in Pittsburgh brings new and exciting weather! Make sure you’re prepared for the highs and lows of each season by learning the programmable functions of your thermostat.

  • Next to the display there is a button that reads (SYS=System) and the other side reading FAN
  • SYS: The double function button controls the On/Off feature of your thermostat and conditioning unit.
  • By pressing your SYS button one time, the LED background light on the unit shall illuminate. Push the SYS button again and it changes the setting to COOL. If you press the SYS button a third time it will change again to HEAT. Note: Press the button again and the unit will begin to shut off.
  • Within seconds, after turning the AC/heating unit on, the air unit will begin to run making an audible clicking


If you are having any trouble with your new washer and dryer, please refer to this handy video: youtube.com/watch?v=1xmBGwKGXVE&feature=youtu.be


Username: Bakery Living

Password: livingconnection


If you would like to request emergency maintenance please call 412.661.0200. Emergency(s) are limited to:

  • No heat
  • No water
  • No air conditioning
  • Locked out of unit
  • No working toilet in your unit
  • Smell of Gas in your unit 
  • Structural damage to your unit
  • Broken pipes/water lines
  • Broken elevator

If you’d like to report and other non-emergency issues, please call 412-621-0263 and leave a voicemail in our general mailbox and our office will return your call on the next business day.


Walnut Capital Management requires all residents to obtain and maintain evidence of liability insurance throughout the term of your lease, including lease renewals. Prior to your move-in, you are required to purchase and maintain Renter’s Insurance with minimum liability coverage of at least $100,000. As a reminder, we do not carry insurance to protect you against loss of your personal property. WHAT STEPS DO YOU NEED TO TAKE?

IF YOU ALREADY HAVE RENTER’S INSURANCE: If your current policy provides for at least $100,000 of liability, you are set! Simply email or send your policy ‘declarations’ page to the leasing office on your move in date. The insurance declaration page should contain the policy effective date, coverage amounts, policy number, and expiration date.

IF YOU DO NOT HAVE RENTER’S INSURANCE: We recommend you visit our preferred vendor www.ResidentShield.com for a quote and to obtain coverage, or you may secure your coverage elsewhere. You can also purchase personal contents insurance for a small additional fee. To enroll in the ResidentShield plan, feel free to visit the website above or contact the ResidentShield customer service team at 1-800-566-1186. Coverage can begin with ResidentShield immediately, and our office will receive an automatic notification of your online policy purchase.

Understanding Your Landlord Required Tenant Liability Policy

  • This policy ONLY provides liability coverage for the apartment community in case of resident- caused damage or loss
  • It DOES NOT provide coverage for the resident’s personal items or belongings
  • The apartment community is listed as the Primary Named Insured and all policy interactions are the responsibility of the apartment management staff
  • Once you are enrolled, you will be listed as an ‘additional insured’ on the landlord’s policy
  • The cost for this insurance will be charged and paid with your monthly rent
  • DEDUCTIBLE: (Per Loss Occurrence Per Tenant unless indicated otherwise)

Property Damage: Greater of the Tenant Security Deposit or $500.00. Pet damage claims require additional security deposit.

If you have specific questions about this policy please contact the leasing office or call ResidentShield at 1-800-566-1186. You may purchase a standard HO-4 Renter’s policy from www.ResidentShield.com that WILL cover your contents in addition to the community required liability.


Complimentary shuttle transportation has been arranged exclusively for tenants of properties managed by Walnut Capital Management, with direct lines to Pitt and CMU campuses. Check for the schedule here


Walnut Capital Management is happy to welcome you to the Walnut Perks program. Before painting the town, make sure to research the discounts and perks that Pittsburgh’s local vendors offer so you can save big on your purchases! Visit our website!


Do you have friends who are looking for a place to live? Send them to Walnut Capital! Earn free rent for any referral that moves into one of our properties! Check out our website for more details.