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Our Team

Alison Lafferty

Property Manager

Alison is the Property Manager of Bakery Living. She manages day-to-day operations of both the Blue and Orange building, supervises all leasing and turn over activities, and monitors her maintenance, leasing, cleaning and security staff. You name it, she does it. She is the queen of solving problems, juggling many things at once, and calmly clearing her inbox day after day from a certain someone. If you know, you know.

Julie Allerton

Assistant Property Manager

Julie is the Assistant Property Manager at Bakery Living and assists with managing both of Bakery Living’s fully occupied buildings! She is instrumental in managing the maintenance and leasing staff to keep up with apartment turnovers, resident and prospect correspondence, and leasing activities. Julie is empathetic, optimistic and always has a smile on her face! She loves to run, is a book worm and feel free to tempt her to try the spiciest food you know… she’s obsessed with it!

Cameron Snodgrass

Leasing Consultant

Cameron is a Leasing Consultant at Bakery Living primarily responsible for coordinating property viewings, updating the contact management database, communicating with prospects and keeping the lobby stocked for our residents. She is a quick learner, self starter and reliable. If you hear her humming, it’s most likely a One Direction song she’s nothing short of OBSESSED with them.

Dave Mitchell

Resident Coordinator

Dave is the Resident Coordinator at Bakery Living who keeps the building up-and-running after normal business hours. He assists with resident questions, concerns and lockouts, completes miscellaneous tasks around the property, and becomes friends with almost all of the residents. Everyone loves Dave! He is a true people-pleaser who enjoys interacting with the residents at special events and on a daily basis.

Jim Davis

Maintenance Technician

Jim is the Maintenance Technician at Bakery Living responsible for tending to work orders and conducting routine maintenance for over 300 units. He has extensive experience and knowledge performing a wide range of repair tasks around the complex. Jim is reliable, friendly and is focused on doing the job right to keep all residents happy. He loves listening to music and watching the Steelers and Penguins play (sorry Pirates, you don’t make the cut).

Charles Poelcher

Maintenance Technician

Charles is a Maintenance Technician at Bakery Living. He takes care of all routine maintenance and any additional issues that may arise throughout both the Orange and Blue buildings at Bakery Living. Charles is a huge gamer and has an exotic pet. Any guesses? A bearded dragon!

Lori McCormick


Lori is a Custodian at Bakery Living who keeps the property looking clean and tidy! With over 10 years of experience and a keen eye, nothing gets past her. Lori maintains, dusts and disinfects all of the common spaces, orders and organizes her supplies and chats with all of the residents. Can you guess what she would do with her time if she didn’t have to sleep? Clean her own house!

Brett Butler


Brett is a Custodian at Bakery Living who keeps every square inch of both buildings sparkling and clean! He is neat and tidy (obviously), helpful, and witty. He likes his coworkers and the residents love him too. Although he enjoys his job, he’d rather be smoking a nice cigar and sipping on some good whiskey!

Reggie McGlory


Reggie is a Painter at Bakery Living who takes pride in his work and loves making things look beautiful. Reggie is responsible for painting all units in a timely manner and keeping up with all common space needs. He enjoys following his daily schedule and completing all tasks. He is a hard worker, easy to get along with and says many describe him as tall, black and handsome *wink*

Rae Peffer

After Hours Staff

Rae Peffer is a Security Guard responsible for keeping our communities safe and patrolling the premises. She is alert, responsive and always aware of her surroundings. Nothing gets past her… you’re in good hands!

Sidney Warren

Leasing Consultant

Sidney is a Leasing Consultant responsible for tending to prospects and taking care of residents! With a background in customer service, she is very driven, a problem solver, and kills the multitasking game. She loves where she works, but if she could be anywhere else she’d rather be taking a nap on the beach with her feet in the water. Very specific…the girl knows what she wants! Sidney also loves working out, being with friends and family, scrolling on TikTok and traveling. Probably to said beach to take a nap. Just a guess.

Sean Lebovitz

Leasing Consultant

Sean is a Leasing Consultant at Bakery Living who works day in and day out to make sure our current residents’ needs are taken care of and assist prospective residents in finding their new home. He is professional, logical and friendly to everyone he meets. Sean is a big fan of the video game, Squad, the history behind the rise and fall of the Aztec Empire, and his comfort TV shows. Any Bojack Horseman fans? He’s watched it in its entirety several times, and he’s not stopping anytime soon!

Henry Hester


Henry is a Security Officer at Bakery Living who is dedicated to Walnut Capital and our residents. He responds to all management and resident requests, oversees the building premises and ensures the safety of the property after hours. Henry is personable, a team player, and loves to exercise and eat raw herbs and plant roots! Ever wanted to try them, ask him all about it!