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Team Members

Team Members

Team Members
  • Alison Lafferty

    Property Manager

    Alison is the Property Manager of Bakery Living. She manages day-to-day operations of both the Blue and Orange building, supervises all leasing and tu...

  • Cameron Snodgrass

    Assistant Property Manager

    Cameron is a Leasing Consultant at Bakery Living primarily responsible for coordinating property viewings, updating the contact management database, c...

  • Jim Davis

    Maintenance Technician

    Jim is the Maintenance Technician at Bakery Living responsible for tending to work orders and conducting routine maintenance for over 300 units. He ha...

  • Charles Poelcher

    Maintenance Technician

    Charles is a Maintenance Technician at Bakery Living. He takes care of all routine maintenance and any additional issues that may arise throughout bot...

  • Dave Mitchell

    Resident Coordinator

    Dave is the Resident Coordinator at Bakery Living who keeps the building up-and-running after normal business hours. He assists with resident question...

  • Lori McCormick


    Lori is a Custodian at Bakery Living who keeps the property looking clean and tidy! With over 10 years of experience and a keen eye, nothing gets past...

  • Brett Butler


    Brett is a Custodian at Bakery Living who keeps every square inch of both buildings sparkling and clean! He is neat and tidy (obviously), helpful, and...

  • George Weimer


  • Reggie McGlory


    Reggie is a Painter at Bakery Living who takes pride in his work and loves making things look beautiful. Reggie is responsible for painting all units ...

  • Henry Hester


    Henry is a Security Officer at Bakery Living who is dedicated to Walnut Capital and our residents. He responds to all management and resident requests...